3700 US Highway 70

New Bern, NC 28560

(252) 636-0303


Craven County Jaycees Fairgrounds Rules and Regulations


  1. Fairgrounds provides basic building, facility or designated area, general floor space, restrooms, normal utilities,
    normal maintenance, unlimited on-grounds parking accommodations and general support. Basic rental fees do not
    include use of clubhouse, kitchen or concession area usage, storage area facilities, labor or equipment. Additional
    use of fairgrounds facilities, accessories, labor and/or equipment is subject to charges shown on the current rate

  2. Security is the responsibility of the Lessee and a security plan must be approved by the Craven County Junior
    Chamber and by Fairgrounds Management before set-up of any event.
    NO SMOKING allowed in the buildings.

  3. Use of the Craven County Junior Chamber’s Clubhouse is prohibited.

  4. Alcohol sales are strictly prohibited without written consent of Craven County Junior Chamber and/orFairgrounds Management. Additional fee of $150.00 and insurance is required for any event where alcohol will be consumed. A North Carolina Liquor Control Board Permit is required. Apply early!

  5. Insurance Requirements: Insurance coverage, as required by contract, should stipulate the Craven County
    Junior Chamber, their officers, members, directors, agents and employees, be named as additional insured.
    (minimum limits $1,000,000/$300,000 combined single limit) for each occurrence.

  6. Access: All working building personnel, directors and general duties shall have access to all areas of buildings and
    grounds at any time

  7. Any motor or equipment on display must comply with New Bern/Craven County Fire Marshall regulations. In the
    event that dirt or any other material is brought inside the buildings, the floor must be protected with a tarp or other
    protective barrier.

  8. Do not block any doors marked with an overhead door sign. Each of these must be visible and accessible at all times.
    For all outdoor concerts/events, the Craven County noise ordinance will be adhered to. In no case will an outdoor
    concert/event continue past the hour of 10:00pm. Management reserves the right to cut power.

  9. No signage will be permitted at any location on the Fairgrounds without the approval of Fairgrounds Management.
    Compliance with all State and County sign ordinance is required.

  10. The LESSEE is responsible for all costs or damage occurring during or in relationship to the event. The Fairgrounds
    will not be responsible, under any circumstances, for property or materials left unattended in any facility or on the
    grounds of the Craven County Jaycees Fairgrounds premises, nor will the Fairgrounds accept/sign for or be
    responsible for deliveries made to Fairgrounds facilities.

  11. In the event the Fairgrounds is not vacated by LESSEE upon the expiration of the terms of the contract, Management
    is authorized to remove, at the expense of the Lessee, all goods, wares, merchandise and property of any kind left
    therein, and management shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of such goods, wares, merchandise or property
    which may be sustained by reason of such removal, and the management is hereby released from any and all claims
    of damage of whatever kind or nature, including but not limited to, non-use or availability of such property.

  12. The Craven County Junior Chamber and Craven County Jaycees Fairgrounds prohibits the use of stakes on
    Fairgrounds property. You must check with Fairgrounds Management as to prevent staking into water or electrical
    lines underground. No parking along ditches.

  13. Soliciting is not permitted on Craven County Jaycees Fairgrounds property. Unauthorized picketing is strictly
    prohibited by the Craven County Junior Chamber. The appropriate permits must be approved and on file

All Lessees of the Craven County Jaycees Fairgrounds must have a signed Rules and Regulations agreement on file, If you have not signed one or are unsure please click below to Sign.